FIFA 16 also makes some pretty notable changes

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Those are the additions that attracted most pre-release publicity, but FIFA 16 also makes some pretty notable changes that affect the flow of the game. As mentioned at the start, there’s only so much EA can do with the existing engine, so these changes are restricted to altering, or re-balancing pre-existing systems. Regular fifa 16 coins players will quickly note that ground passes are a lot more sluggish. Passes that would have been fairly soft in previous editions now travel with the impetus of a ball kicked in wet sand by a toddler. To get any sort of pace on a pass, it’s now necessary to use the new ‘do a harder ground pass, you idiot’ modifier of (on a basic Xbox controller) RB. Abstracting ‘harder pass’ to a separate button combo (instead of just holding down A longer) is, frankly, a bit rubbish, but some of the accompanying passing changes do appear to be for the better.

Likewise, presentation during matches has also been altered for the better. New information graphics have been incorporated into gameplay, which feature details such as player transfer fees and individual player statistics, and although they don't represent a huge step forward, it's nice to see your team's current star get highlighted before kick off, and it helps the release build an even more believable cheap fifa 16 coins campaign - especially in career mode. Graphically, FIFA 16 hasn't changed all that much since last year's iteration. There's some better lighting and more detail to be found in many of the included stadiums, but player models still look slightly awkward at times, and some embarrassing clipping issues remain, if you know where to find them.

Make no mistake, though - this is still an attractive footy sim, it's just that we'd like to see a bit of an update on the visual side of things by the time that buy fifa 16 coins rolls around. As it stands, FIFA's looked just about the same since it first appeared on the PlayStation 4 - and that was three games ago. BUY more fifa 16 coins in www.fifa16coins4u.com online now... well done! more fifa 16 game fun online now... come on!

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