What's Determines The Quality Of Laminate Flooring

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<p>Certainly strengthen the wooden raw materials from wood, high-quality raw materials should have the following characteristics:</p>
<p>First, the timber must be sufficiently fresh, can not have too many rotten wood and veneer. &quot;Otherwise, the wood of the advantages of wood fiber will reduce the strength of the floor is not enough, life will be shortened.&quot; Secondly, we must ensure that different wood raw material used by the density close, preferably a single timber wood species. In order to better control the purity and freshness of the wood species of wood, built in the best producers of timber growth, the choice of a fixed species, thus ensuring a consistent manufacturing wood flooring wood fiber physical properties of unity, machining performance. With this condition, wooden floors in order to have a more stable quality.</p>
<p>It is understood that many companies are in the process of production of wood flooring &quot;is to use wood&quot;, both old and new, regardless of species, this hodgepodge difficult to ensure stable raw material base quality wood flooring. In addition, special emphasis on good wood floor should be used after the peeling process. Because of differences in physical and mechanical properties of the fibers and other indicators of the strength of the bark and wood fiber is very large, mixed-use great negative impact on the quality of the floor.</p>
<p>We also need to focus on plastic bonded wood fiber. Is any glue containing formaldehyde, the formaldehyde is enhanced because the viscous and adhesive strength of the main component. But the glue recipe different formaldehyde content is different, usually a strength of the manufacturers, have research and development in the glue strictly confidential technology patents. European companies currently in this area have a stronger advantage.</p>
<p>High standards of good product output</p>
<p>With increasing pollution of the degree of concern, the domestic home industry made themselves a higher environmental standards than the European E1, E0 standard. Although the standard surface E0 E1 appears to be higher than that, but in the actual production process 100% of all products meet E0 standard is not realistic. And although not in accordance with the E0 European companies to produce, but a large proportion of the products in the environmental performance indicators beyond the level of E0. Insiders also describes the difference detection system. European E1 is based warehouse inventory and production line of products for the detection of line object to sampling for detection methods, to conduct a comprehensive environmental evaluation mechanism to monitor the test. Domestic manufacturers have detection method is to select products deliver environmental testing departments to monitor testing. E1 and E0 standard is better, various industries and enterprises in Europe a world leader in a variety of products on environmental indicators can illustrate the problem</p>
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